Why Are Copyrights Important?

Copyrights are of specific importance to people and businesses in the publishing, music and art worlds because they protect “original works of authorship” such as literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works. In protecting their creations, artists, writers, musicians and other creative professionals are encouraged to create more because they can trust that they will receive compensation for their work.

At the law firm of Gabor & Marotta LLC, our Manhattan attorneys represent a number of professionals in the publishing and entertainment industries. We help protect our clients’ ideas by offering comprehensive representation in matters concerning copyright law.

Dedicated Representation In A Range Of Copyright-Related Cases

At Gabor & Marotta LLC, much of our practice is devoted to representing creative professionals and the businesses with which they work. We have represented individuals, small and mid-size companies in music and publishing, as well as Internet technology companies. These clients all have interests that can be best served by seeking copyright protection.

We handle many different copyright-related issues for clients throughout the New York metropolitan area, including:

  • Book publishing, including the right to reproduce and distribute copies of a work
  • Music copyright licensing for TV commercials, film, video games and ring tones
  • Adaptation rights (the right to prepare derivative works based upon another’s work)
  • Broadcasting (performances through digital audio transmission)
  • Rights of publicity, including performance rights for literary, musical, dramatic and choreographic works

Resolving Disputes Over Royalties

Our lawyers also represent clients in disputes regarding the ownership of royalties. A great deal is often at stake in these disputes, including the livelihood of the artists involved. Our law firm is mindful to handle litigation in a cost-effective way, and we make smart choices that help resolve royalty-related litigation quickly and effectively.

Music Synchronization Licenses For Film, TV And The Internet

Our lawyers also represent individuals in licensing, publishing and distribution deals, and royalty accountings that affect entertainment professionals. We can assist you with identifying a brand manager and building a comprehensive licensing strategy.

We obtain synchronization licenses and clearances to use musical compositions and master sound recordings in your independent film, television commercial, website, or other audiovisual work or production.

Once you provide us with the desired songs and timings, we can obtain price quotes for you from music publishers. If you are using independent music, we can prepare work-for-hire agreements and performance clearances.

Please note the clearance process requires time to complete and should be commenced well in advance of your launch, broadcast or release date. To expedite your request, please prepare timings and treatments, and indicate whether you require mechanical licenses.

Contact Our New York Attorneys

If you are involved in a licensing dispute, have issues with publishing royalties ownership, or need any other type of entertainment law representation, speak with us. Contact our entertainment lawyers online. You may also call our Manhattan office at 646-835-0762, or our Staten Island office at 718-390-0555.