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Trademarks in New York

Trademarks help protect your brand name from rival businesses, big brands, and in passing the rights of a company to heirs in your estate assets. Your business has intangible assets beyond products or services. Your logo, company name, and the goodwill you have created are more valuable parts of your company, and should be protected.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a business term that refers to a symbol, word, picture, name, device, or combination thereof used to distinguish or identify goods or services as done by a specific person(s) or company. It helps protect your rights and specify that you/your company owns those item(s). In the event of another group using or selling products, names, or images trademarked by you without your permission, you may have the ability to sue as the owner of the trademark, and seek damages under federal law. For specific services, a service mark can be registered instead for services rendered as your own. This can include a package you offer, character names, unique features of your program, et cetera.

Why Should I Trademark My Business?

Trademarks protect the goodwill that you build in your company. A trademark allows you to defend yourself from misuse or copycats. Registering a trademark gives you nationwide protection to your Intellectual Property. A trademark is added to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database. The database is public record that states that the trademark(s) belong to you. In the event that someone uses your registered IP, you will be able file a lawsuit in federal court to enforce your trademark and prevent others from creating knock-offs. Your investors understand the value of a properly registered trademark.

Registering A Trademark

We conduct a full search to see if there are any potential conflicts with pre-existing marks or company names. We then determine the proper classification description for your class of product or service, and the proper filing fees.

Meet with your trademark attorney for more information, as well as advice on how to apply, and what can be trademarked.

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