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When individuals find themselves facing tax matters and disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, it is common to feel overwhelmed. Many tax issues are complicated by red tape as well as emotions. Clients can feel frustration, despair and confusion regarding these issues. It is your lawyer’s job to remove the emotion and help guide you through your dilemma as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Gabor & Marotta LLC provides legal advice and representation to residents of New York City and communities throughout the five boroughs and surrounding counties in a wide range of tax matters, including:

While we feel that this is a representative list, there are certainly other situations in which our firm can provide quality advocacy. If we cannot directly help a client, we will provide a list of trusted legal resources. We encourage all individuals to contact our firm at the earliest possible time. The more time our staff has to organize a client’s finances and prepare the case, the better chance we have to accurately represent that client.

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