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New York Tax Collections Lawyer

The tax collections attorney at Gabor & Marotta LLC has helped countless private individuals and business owners navigate the hazardous issues of tax collection. We have built a solid reputation of trust and diligence with both federal and state tax collection institutions.

Our firm helps clients handle a wide range of issues related to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collections matters, including:

  • Offer in compromise: An experienced tax attorney has many methods at his or her disposal to work with the IRS or state government to create a tax repayment plan that is acceptable to all parties. An offer in compromise helps both the client eliminate his or her tax debt, and the government recovers most, if not all, of the taxes owed. It is in everybody’s best interests to come to a fair settlement.
  • Payroll tax problems: In a troubling economy, many businesses fall behind on paying payroll taxes to the government. Often, that money is used to drive the business as owners hope revenues can be used to pay the IRS. Our firm is prepared to investigate our clients’ finances and help guide them through these dilemmas as quickly as possible.
  • Trust fund recovery penalty: Money that employers deduct from employees’ paychecks and hold in trust must be paid to the IRS in a timely manner. If this money is not paid, the IRS will begin a collection process and individuals could benefit from having an experienced attorney on their side.
  • Innocent spouse relief: When spouses file a joint tax return and that return is completed incorrectly by one person, both parties could suffer the IRS consequences. Innocent spouse relief means, quite simply, that one spouse had nothing to do with the tax liability and should not be responsible.

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer in our offices regarding tax collection issues not highlighted on this website. We offer this site as a representative list of cases we handle, but our staff is prepared to answer nearly any question as it relates to tax litigation. If we cannot answer a client’s question directly, we will provide a list of trusted resources.

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