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New York Attorney For Tax Liens, Garnishments And Seizures

The Internal Revenue Service has powerful tools at its disposal to recover money from taxpayers. These tools, including tax liens, garnishments and asset seizures, can be devastating to individuals. With this in mind, the New York City tax liens attorney at Gabor & Marotta LLC works to settle with the IRS before these drastic measures become necessary.

The IRS typically will use three tools to recover tax debt from individuals:

  • Tax liens: A tax lien refers to the IRS’ legal claim on a taxpayer’s property as payment for tax debt. The tax lien can prevent you from refinancing your home or borrowing from your bank or others. The IRS files tax liens to protect its rights, to the disadvantage of the client. We work diligently to ensure that a filing does not occur. Our firm can handle cases for clients after a filing or as soon as a client knows he or she will face a filing.
  • Wage garnishments: In what is both a common occurrence and a last resort, the IRS can garnish a taxpayer’s wages. In these situations, the IRS will have an employer put aside a portion of the employee’s paycheck to be sent to the government. These situations can be difficult for an individual as the cost-of-living calculations the IRS will use are based on pretax dollars, not take-home pay. Often a taxpayer cannot afford everyday necessities. Our firm will attempt to find a resolution before garnishment becomes necessary.
  • Asset seizures: Asset or property seizures are handled in much the same way as garnishments, but with physical assets rather than a paycheck.

Any of the collection methods used by the IRS can have devastating consequences on a taxpayer’s life. They can put taxpayers in serious financial distress and force them to make decisions they otherwise would not have to, such as should I pay my car payment or buy groceries for my family? The government does not want to cripple a family, but it does want to be paid the money it is owed. Work with a trusted and experienced tax law firm to help get you out of these dilemmas.

A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Can Help

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