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New York Offer In Compromise Lawyer

Often a taxpayer cannot satisfy a tax liability in full and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will accept a lesser sum in lieu of the full amount. This is called an offer in compromise because the IRS and the taxpayer are truly compromising on the repayment amount.

Gabor & Marotta LLC was founded by a New York City offer in compromise lawyer. Our firm understands that this process is very detailed and difficult to navigate. We are fully aware of the benefits and challenges of this process, and we represent our clients well. It is important to know exactly what the IRS is looking for to negotiate the best compromise possible. In addition, there are specific requirements to be eligible for an offer in compromise, and our firm is comfortable educating clients on those requirements.

Typically, an offer in compromise will follow a civil tax audit, but not always. If an individual is facing unpaid tax liabilities, it is always best to try to work with the IRS to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution. Like most collection agencies, the IRS does not simply go away. We encourage taxpayers to consult with an experienced tax attorney to determine the best course of action. Our firm is skilled at tax negotiation, and we are happy to educate clients on their different options.

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