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Why invest time and energy in digital estate planning?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Estate Planning |

As the lives of most adults become increasingly digital, it is essential for adults to invest time in crafting a digital estate plan as part of their overall estate planning process. 

A digital estate plan helps to ensure that your digital assets and online presence are properly managed and protected – according to your unique needs and preferences – after your passing or in the event of incapacitation due to illness or injury. 

Protect and secure your digital access for your loved ones

Digital assets encompass a wide range of items, including online accounts, digital media, cryptocurrencies and intellectual property. Without a digital estate plan, it can be challenging for your loved ones to access and manage these assets. 

By documenting your digital assets, providing necessary access information (such as usernames and passwords) and specifying your wishes for their management or transfer, you can ensure that your digital assets are protected and can be effectively passed on to your chosen beneficiaries. This can help avoid potential loss, theft and unauthorized access to valuable digital assets.

Preserve your digital legacy and presence

A digital estate plan also allows you to preserve your digital legacies and manage your online presence after your passing. It provides guidance on what should happen to your social media accounts, websites, blogs and other online profiles. You can specify whether you want these accounts to be deleted, memorialized or managed by someone you trust. This can make it much easier for your heirs to decide what to do.

Seeking legal guidance can help to ensure that your digital estate plan complies with state law and is, ultimately, enforceable.