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Factors to consider when choosing a trustee for your SNT

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Trusts |

Special needs trusts are important tools for safeguarding the financial future of individuals with disabilities, ensuring they receive proper care and support while maintaining eligibility for government benefits. One’s choice of trustee is a crucial decision, as they will be responsible for managing a trust’s assets and making distributions in accordance with the affected beneficiary’s needs and the trust’s terms.

When selecting a trustee for your special needs trust (SNT), several factors should be considered to better ensure the trust’s effectiveness and the beneficiary’s well-being.

Experience with managing trusts

When considering potential trustees, it is essential to assess their experience in managing trusts, especially those tailored to support individuals with disabilities. Look for trustees who have a proven track record of successfully administering trusts, including handling investments, preparing necessary documentation and complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Consider whether the trustee has experience working with diverse asset portfolios and understands the nuances of government benefit programs.


Since the trustee will be entrusted with managing important financial assets and making decisions that directly impact the beneficiary’s quality of life, it is essential to choose someone who can be counted on to fulfill their duties diligently and responsibly. Look for a trustee who demonstrates a history of reliability in their personal and professional endeavors. This includes timely communication, prompt handling of administrative tasks and adherence to deadlines.

Clear intentions

The chosen trustee should exhibit a clear intention to act in the best interest of the trust beneficiary at all times. This involves prioritizing the beneficiary’s well-being and advocating for their needs, even in complex or challenging situations. Look for a trustee who demonstrates empathy, understanding and a genuine commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities. It’s essential that the trustee understands and respects the beneficiary’s wishes and preferences.

When choosing a trustee for your SNT, seek legal guidance to better ensure that the trustee selection process complies with all relevant laws and regulations and to properly establish the trust document with clear instructions and provisions addressing the beneficiary’s specific needs and circumstances.