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Does sibling rivalry end in adulthood?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Probate Litigation |

Much of the time, sibling rivalry is something that manifests in the relationship as children. Three siblings may feel that they are all competing for their parents’ approval and attention. Even if they don’t know how to explain that feeling or vocalize how it impacts them, it is still how they feel on the whole.

As such, you may expect this to end in adulthood when they no longer need that approval. But is it going to stop at any age?

It may not end, and it could get worse

The reality is that it may never end, and some have even gone so far as to suggest that it will intensify and grow worse in adulthood. It may seem better because the siblings are not physically around each other as often, but that does not mean it’s over. The relationship style formed in childhood may be the only way they know how to relate to each other.

Can this cause estate disputes?

One problem with this is that it can lead to estate disputes. Siblings may still feel like they have to compete for what they can get out of the estate. They may assume that the others will not play fair and accuse them of altering the will or using undue influence to get what they want.

Emotions can intensify this process in a lot of ways. Having a parent pass away is an emotional time, and the siblings may also lose the pacifying presence that the parent has always been for them. If all of this leads to estate litigation, it’s important for all involved to understand their legal rights.